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Begin Your Journey to Healing & Transformation


Meet Mark Shelvock, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

I am passionate about fostering restorative and expansive post-traumatic growth. I welcome mystery, big feelings, existential questions, complex issues around trauma, stress, or dissociation, and extraordinary health concerns. I can support you in learning how to lean into your pain and grow your edges so that you can express yourself more authentically.


I specialize in providing safe trauma and grief responsive care to young, middle-aged, or elderly adults, in addition to LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy.


Trauma Responsive Psychotherapy & Holistic Counselling

Going inwards can support you in going outwards into your life and the world. Learning how to deeply listen to your own innate wisdom is both an art and a science.

I can help.

Pieces of art by Mark Shelvock.



Since it can be challenging to know which therapist is a good fit for you, I offer free Zoom consultations where we can become acquainted. Wherever you are at in life, I will welcome you.

In this meeting, we can explore why you are currently pursuing therapy, your current life circumstances, and discuss what you are seeking from the therapeutic process. Additionally, this is an opportunity for you to ask me questions about me or my approach.


Free consultations are typically 30 minutes as to ensure we are a good match. I am a good fit for people who want online therapy, and wish to develop a working relationship with their therapist. 


Adverse Childhood Experiences


Bereavement & Grief


Borderline Personality

Coping Skills

Complex PTSD


Developmental Trauma


Dreams or Nightmares

Dying & Death

Family Conflict

LGBTQ+ Health Concerns

Life Transitions & Loss

Mystical Experiences

Personal Growth

Relationship Concerns 

Religious Trauma

School Issues

Self Esteem



Substance Use

Suicidal Ideation


 My intention is to help you become the most integrated, whole version of your unique self, leading to more connection, freedom, and meaning in your life. I use safe holistic practices to connect people to their own innate wisdom; coherence between your mind, heart, and body is possible.

I support people in reaching their full potential by integrating the latest therapeutic research with the insights of attachment theory, somatic psychology, psychodynamic/jungian talk therapy, and creative healing practices. I prioritize a strong relational approach to psychotherapy to ensure you receive care in a way that aligns with your values, needs, and overall life situation.

$175  + HST per hour. 

Covered via insurance plans that include Registered Psychotherapists.


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