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Practical & Logistical Info

My intention is to help you become the most integrated, whole version of your unique self, leading to more connection, freedom, and meaning in your life. I use safe psychological practices to connect people to their own innate wisdom; coherence between your mind, heart, and body is possible. 

I offer trauma and grief responsive care to middle aged or young adults, in addition to LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy. I will respect and deeply listen to you. Please note, however, that psychotherapy is not usually a quick fix. Therapy takes time, but it is worth it. I am a great fit if you want to build a working relationship with your therapist, and if you are interested in exploring the unacknowledged, unrecognized, and unconscious aspects of your personality. 

My clinical work focuses on supporting individuals, but occasionally, I facilitate family therapy (teens/adults) or couples therapy when it is complimentary to individual psychological work. I often support working professionals in business, finance, or technology, LGBTQ+ individuals, healthcare workers or therapists, university students, teachers, and creative intuitive spirits in finding a renewed individual path in life.


I have had the honour of facilitating momentous journeys of self-development for hundreds of people. 

I run my clinical practice virtually in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. 


30 Minute Free Consultations

It is challenging to reach out to ask for help, and even harder to find the right therapist. I offer free consultations so that we can become acquainted. Wherever you are at in life, I will welcome you. In this meeting, we can explore why you are currently pursuing therapy, your current life circumstances, and discuss what you are seeking from the therapeutic process. Additionally, this is an opportunity for you to ask me questions about me or my approach.


Insurance and Payment

Therapy with me is covered via any insurance plan that includes Registered Psychotherapist. I am registered with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). 

Payment is required at the end of each session and I do not do direct billing. You can pay by e-transfer, or upload your credit card on my secure online counselling software. You will always be provided a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company (if applicable).



Sessions are $175.00 + HST per 60 minutes, or 

$262.50 + HST for 90 minute sessions. 

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