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Therapy Approaches

I offer integrative psychotherapy that empowers the whole you - mind, body, and soul. Psychological health can be fostered when we find the curiosity to explore the twists and turns of inner life. Going inwards can support you in going outwards into your life and the world. 

My approach to psychotherapy is depth oriented, with an emphasis on healing practices that are holistic, trauma responsive, and derived from scientific research. A variety of therapeutic techniques, strategies, visualizations, guided inner dialogues, reflections, and creative exercises may be implemented if appropriate. 

 Attachment, Jungian, and Psychodynamic Therapy

Many of life’s difficulties are rooted in parts of ourselves which we are unaware of, and benefit from a subtler approach. I draw on depth-oriented therapeutic techniques which emphasize deep listening, insight, tending to life patterns, addressing past experiences, and exploring feelings, thoughts, fantasies, and dreams. 

Establishing a relationship with the hidden or unconscious aspects of our psyche (mind/soul) can help us learn how to live with our deepest emotional wounds, offering us the opportunity to discover vitality, freedom, and joy.

"It is said no tree can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell." - Carl Jung

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 Trauma Responsive and Somatic Psychology

Making you feel safer, more regulated, and empowered in day-to-day life will be prioritized. Together we can bring more awareness to your felt sense experience of life, and promote connection to soma (body) in small, incremental steps. 


If you've experienced trauma, I can help you tend to physiological reactions or relational patterns that over-use your natural survival responses of fight, flight, freeze, or fawn.  The scientific literature outlines how becoming stuck in these responses can cause physiological and psychological issues to develop. 

Working with our bodies require a slow, gentle, and mindful approach if we are to safely discharge survival energy. I can help you in reconnecting with your own embodiment, breath, life energy, and emotions without shutting down. 

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Ego State Therapy / Parts Therapy and Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Most of us have been raised to believe we have a single identity. However, our sense of self is much more complicated and expansive than this. I can support you in connecting to all parts of yourself. 


I utilize integrative approaches which foster your ability to engage in creativity, curiosity, confidence, courage, calmness, clarity, and connectedness with all aspects of your being. A psychology of self-expansiveness can help us deepen our own personal experience of oneself, one’s body, and help us reconnect to other people or to nature. 

Rationality and logic cannot solve all of life's difficulties. However, we can learn how to deeply listen to ourselves, and all that dwells within. Our world requires a deeply authentic, meaningful, and soulful response to the difficult times we live in. 

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Relational and Compassionate Practices

Compassion is an anti-oppressive framework that provides us with insights, interconnectedness, wisdom, choices, and ways to engage with human suffering without harming others or ourselves. In fact, compassion is an endless wellspring that can be drawn upon when we are confronted with suffering, and helps us facilitate greater connection to life itself. 

I practice from a relational lens that is sensitive to issues relating to power, identity, sexuality, ethnicity, and gender expression. I can also help you engage in processes of unlearning from oppressive societal norms or familial expectations. 

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